, GraphiTech's flagship product, is a comprehensive CAD/CAM package designed for craftsmen, artists, and designers. CimaGraphi offers customers pioneering artistic CAD/CAM technology without compromising on quality or accuracy.

CimaGraphi can be used in a wide range of applications - embossing, engraving, ring milling, and other artistic CAD/CAM related applications. From small intricate pieces to industrial applications, CimaGraphi’s designer and milling tools produce 2D or 3D models and parts, by embossing, engraving, and countless other artistic methods. Customers can implement innovative designs, decrease turnaround times and increase production potential, and conserve materials otherwise lost in manual production. Cimagraphi provides connectivity to most industry CAD/CAM standards, including DXF, IGES, STEP, VDAFS, 3DM, and STL/SLA.

Distributed through Europe and North and South America, GraphiTech customers are provided with comprehensive pre- and post sales support and training.


Trace Function List:

  • Outline tracing
  • Center line tracing
  • Freehand vector editing
  • Freehand sketching & drawing
  • Changing curve types
  • Chain breaking
  • Sharpen corners
  • Soften corners
  • Line filter
  • Curve filter
  • Active areas
  • Point reduction
  • Data verification
  • Measuring

GraphiCad Function list:

  • Create & alter: Lines, Arcs, Circles and Text.
  • Create frames such as: Rectangle, Obround, Ellipse, and Exact Polygon.
  • Multiple trim functions
  • Blend entities
  • Chamfer entities
  • Standard hole library
  • Search machine for double entities and disconnections
  • Marking options : All in window, Part in window, Chain
  • Easy positioning anchor.
  • Full text attribute control including: Height, Aspect ratio, Slant, Rotation, Line spacing, Writing direction, Kern control, Letter spacing, Word spacing and Font.
  • Text alignment
  • Automatic text generation for serial numbers and repetitive signs.
  • Automatic Dial and Ruler generator
  • Text on curve
  • Text on arc or ellipse
  • Worldwide language support.
  • Character map
  • Font editor
  • True Type support
  • Layer management
  • Combine layers : Weld, subtract, union
  • Move and copy
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Mirror
  • Stretch
  • Create parallel
  • Single line to closed contour
  • Shadows
  • Freehand sketching
  • Data verification
  • Measuring

Picture To Part Function list:

  • Active areas
  • Cloud of point Reverse engineering.
  • Script manager for full control and re-run of process.
  • Grouping and Group control
  • Material library
  • Photo realistic rendering with OpenGL
  • Emboss 2D vectors to 3D Relief
  • Ruled surface generator
  • Shade analysis with image enhancement tools
  • Texture and Pattern embossing
  • Surface smoothing
  • Move
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Noise reduction and surface equalizing
  • Surface Offset
  • Section viewer
  • Freehand sculpturing
  • Data verification
  • Measuring
  • Multiple zoom options
  • Panning
  • Manual and pre-defined 3D viewing options

Mill Function list:

  • Active areas
  • Script manager for full control and re-run of process.
  • Grouping and Group control
  • Material library
  • Photo realistic rendering of cutter paths with OpenGL
  • Visually define tools for the Tool Library.
  • User defined Stock.
  • Move
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Cutter entry point control
  • Job management & information
  • Technology table
  • Multiple indexes
  • Surface creation: Spherical, Cylindrical, Conical, Mathematics, Ruled, Drive, Revolve.
  • Project or Wrap on surface
  • Import P2P surfaces
  • Cimatron Direct interface
  • Multiple Machining strategies include : Slotting, Profile, 3D Ramping, Hatching, Spiral Area clean, Radial Area clear (True spiral), Face milling and Full Drill cycle control
  • Full control over machining process such as: feed of cut, Spindle speed, Coolant, Depth of cut and down step
  • Tool compensation
  • Full Gouge checking
  • Rough & finish cutting.
  • 5 Axis milling
  • 4th Axis milling
  • Climb & Normal cutter direction control
  • Multiple modes of entry into the material
  • Un-Machined area detection
  • Smart clear for large side step.
  • Over 80 different Machine Post Processors.
  • Powerful Post Processor language for user defined posts
  • User defined machine Zero
  • Data verification
  • Measuring
  • Multiple zoom options
  • Panning
  • Manual and pre-defined 3D viewing options


  • 32 bit Application
  • OpenGL acceleration
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows 7.0
  • Import : BMP, PCX, TIF, JPG, WMF, HPGL, DXF, EPS
  • Export : BMP, HPGL, DXF, EPS
  • Surface Import : IGES, VDAFS, STL, DXF,  CNC, Cloud of Points, ASCII Grid, Renishaw, Sharnoa laser, STL, HPGL, DXF, EPS
  • Surface Export : IGES(114), STL
  • Multiple zoom options
  • Panning
  • Grid
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Printing
  • Online Help

Jewelry Customer

Turning a Great Concept into a Profitable Creation

In 1997, Bob Swarthout, owner of Stucki Jewelers, a retail jeweler since 1904, had an idea to improve an existing product - a ring that symbolized a person?s life. He trademarked the idea and created The Story Ring. This special ring was sure to evoke a strong reaction in the market. However, finding a way to manufacture The Story Ring efficiently was going to be a challenge. With Cimagrafi, Stucki Jewelers got its chance.

The Story Ring is a custom piece of jewelry with five or six panels containing images that collectively tell the tale of a person`s life. Images represent personal milestones, interests and achievements from a wide variety of categories including sports, family, occupations and military.

Each panel on the ring measures 6 x 8 mm with less than 1 mm depth and contains as many as 16 different layers per image. After carving a sample story ring by hand for the first time, the ramifications of trying to produce large quantities became obvious to Swarthout. The process would be too slow and costly to make the piece profitable.

Standing in a friend`s workshop one day, Swarthout realized that jewelry could be made using a milling (ring milling) machine. That was the first time the idea of The Story Ring became feasible. Stucki Jewelers set up Generational Jewelers to exclusively manufacture and market The Story Ring.

Generational Jewelers put a milling machine with an artistic CAD/CAM package in place from the start, but did not get the desired results. Parts were out of tolerance, the finish was not acceptable and the turnaround time was just too long.

After six months, they turned to Cimagrafi and implemented it with a Folken Mill. "We converted to Cimagrafi after our project engineer viewed the product being used by another manufacturing jeweler," says Dan Leslie, Senior Design Engineer. The new ring mill was more accurate and held better tolerances, while Cimagrafi gave Leslie the flexibility for which he was looking.

Customers can select five or six images (depending on ring size) from a catalog of over 450 images or provide custom materials such as photographs, drawings, logos, or business cards. Cimagrafi converts these two-dimensional images into three-dimensional surfaces (3d digitizing) and subsequently creates a file for the computer-driven milling machine.

The manufacturing efficiency of The Story Ring has resulted from the use of metal molds, designed and manufactured in Cimagrafi. Using Cimagrafi`s P2P module, the image is molded into the desired 3-D contour and then a negative of the 3-D surface is created by reversing the X and Z axes.

Before milling, the necessary stock, tools and geometries are selected, and the layout organized. The toolpath file is created and transferred to the computer that controls the milling machine.

A metal mold of the 3-D digitized image is created on the mill. The mold is injected with plastic to produce a replica of the image, which is then investment cast with 18-karat gold to produce the image panel.

Using Cimagrafi, Generational Jewelers has succeeded in simplifying the manufacturing process of The Story Ring while maintaining the quality of the intricate designs that appear on the panels. "The Story Ring is an emotional experience for its recipients. I have seen grown men weep when they see their lives presented in front of them," says Swarthout.

Making intricate designs easy to manufacture, Cimagrafi is helping to bring this very special piece of jewelry into the market.

 About Stucki Jewelers
Type of Business: retail jewelers with customization facilities
Company Founded in: 1904
Number of Employees: 9
Number & Configuration of Seats: 2 Version 6.0 Gold less 4 axis

About Generational Jewelers
Type of Business: manufacturer and wholesalers for The Story Ring
Company Founded in: 1997
Number of Employees: 4
Using Cimagrafi since: 1998
Switched from: Artcam/Modelmaster
Training time: 2 days

Pull Quote:
"Other graphic products lacked the power, precision and flexibility we found using Cimagrafi. We are really excited by the potential that this software and this process have unveiled for us. We are already launching into other new product ideas and projects," says Bob Swarthout, owner of Stucki Jewelers.


Rapsomanikis silverware

Nicholaos Rapsomanikis started from his youth to work out silver and discover its capabilities. After well studying Greek history and tradition ageing from Middle ages till our days, and working continuously he is creating rare pieces of art made by silver.

His insistence on manufacturing perfection as well as continuous observation at technique developments in Greek and global silver art, along with his consistency and excellent customer service, established his company as one of the leaders in the industry of silverware.

As a new generation of the Rapsomanikis family joins the creative force, it brings with it the technological advantages of computers. Using GraphiTech's CopyMate and Cimagraphi.


Carv-It Ltd. WoodCarving

Carv-It Ltd. Specialized in digitized woodcarving. All woodcarving applications are being processed in a unique CNC machine combined with 3D laser scanning probe and Graphitech flag software, which enables creative milling capabilities and ensures the production of these detailed and intricate designs.

Carv-It Ltd. offers digitized carvings applications to architects, indoor designers and furniture?s manufactures. From planning architectures and decorative lines to detailed and intricate applications, each project start with a computerized planning and complete cooperation with the customer needs.

Customers can select the design from Carv-It art department and catalog or bring their own unique hand made designs, in both cases Carv-It assures professional and reliable service with accuracy production. ?I decided to implement Graphitech?s software after seeing products by other manufactures? says David Dean, CEO of Carv-It Ltd. the mill was so accurate and held tolerances, while Cimagraphi gave David the flexibility for which he was looking.

Using Graphitech software Carv-It assures state of the art designer and milling tools enables the freedom to produce 2D or 3D models and parts.

Making intricate designs easy to manufacture, Cimagraphi is helping to bring this unique woodcarving into the market.