Reverse engineering

CopyMate is a reverse engineering system, combining high-precision laser probes with next-generation software. CopyMate creates high-quality 3D copy with ease and perfection, where intricate and detailed tasks are made simple – and fast. A one-stop solution for quality for laser scanning, CopyMate seamlessly combines the capabilities of laser technology into the world of CAD/CAM. Part copying, reverse engineering and part inspection, are now unbelievably fast and efficient.

Based on GraphiTech’s proprietary technologies, CopyMate securely fits CNC machines with laser probes to enable the collection of points from any given part, including copying intricate and detailed work from delicate jewelry settings to industrial parts. Designed and developed for a range of high-accuracy design markets, CopyMate customers include artisans, jewelry designers, engravers, embossers, medical equipment manufacturers, and mold makers. Easily customizable to suit individual customer requirements, CopyMate can be mounted on virtually any machine, and is now available as a complete,
end-to-end solution, in a wide range of sizes, speeds and accuracy levels.