Quality Control (QC) & In Process Inspection (IPI)

GraphiTech’s Inspector is an add-on 3D laser measurement system designed for a wide range of high-accuracy, precision applications, including in-process inspection, non-contact measurements, and quality control. Inspector is designed to fit securely into any production environment - on a milling machine, robot, or any sized production line. Inspector is seamlessly integrated into the production process, lending itself naturally to the complex task of inspecting parts during the production process, as well as guaranteeing excellence and efficiency.

Easily customizable to suit specific requirements, customers benefit from one of the most precise, non-contact lasers on the market today. The system easy parts inspection, especially to once unreachable areas.   System features include unsurpassed speed, accuracy and non-contact measurements, including data acquisition, filtering analysis, reporting and ERP updates.

Fast, accurate, and versatile, Inspector yields significant ROI by reducing the initial production investment to a fraction of purchasing a stand-alone solution, while high-speed measurement ensures a quick return in both quality and efficiency.


  • Small laser scanning spot High accuracy – 1-50 micron
  • Fast and efficient – 3000 measurements per second
  • Rapid deployment – based on an extensive software tool library
  • Customized – user-friendly, flexible solution, tailored to meet individual customer requirements
  • Fully automated:
    • Feature measurements
    • Generates inspection programs
    • Tracks execution
    • Analyzes inspection programs  
    • Provides concise, detailed reports
    • Interface with ERP systems