Over two decades of experience and market-proven expertise have led GraphiTech to a recognized position of leadership in the development of high-performance software and engineering solutions for inspection, scanning, artistic CAD/CAM, and delivering PAS-CMM  QC and inspection solutions. GraphiTech systems provide the ultimate in high-accuracy measurement, seamlessly integrated into the mass production of precision components in leading industries across the globe.

Based on years of experience in motion control hardware, high-precision laser probes and next-generation software, GraphiTech solutions include Quality Control (QC) & In Process Inspection (IPI) applications, Scanning (Reverse Engineering & CAD Compare), Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) tools, and market-leading CAD/CAM software. GraphiTech solutions support a range of OEMs, including machine, equipment and system manufacturers – reverse engineering, measuring, and in-line inspection providers. The company is supported by a global sales and distribution network, and boasts over 3500 licenses/seats worldwide.