Computer Aided Inspection

GraphiTech proudly presents a range of innovative Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) software tools designed to assist quality engineers, machinists and inspectors in manufacturing product components.

Distributed by GraphiTech, PAS-CMM is a dedicated application that uses automatic feature recognition and advanced analysis tools to analyze CAD part models, automatically generating code, including DMIS, PCDMIS, and COSMOS.

PAS-CMM creates intricate inspection programs for even the most complex parts. Off-line and in just three easy steps, PAS-CMM completes tasks within minutes, when compared to hours or days for standard projects.

As part of itsPAS-CMM offering, GraphiTech provides two unique PAS-CMM solutions – a standard version and a dedicated SolidWorks version that directly imports CAD models, measurement features and annotations. The direct interface to SolidWorks automates CMM programming, provides automatic engineering change analysis (ECA) and feature-based programming. With multiple machine support and data integrity and completeness, PAS-CMM provides customers with 10x the productivity gain. CAD models and associated drawings are automatically converted into a structured and editable inspection process. The CMM program is created in standard format and can be easily loaded and executed into inspection machines.